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Serving MERS®

MERS Services Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., also referred to as MERS®, was created by the mortgage banking industry to streamline the mortgage process. Typically, MERS® needs to be served with any foreclosure documents for proceedings involving any of their members. However, there are notoriously specific guidelines to successfully complete a process service to MERS, and ALIASS can help you to navigate the challenging course to make sure your legal documents are quickly and efficiently served.

Time is of the essence during a foreclosure process – let ALIASS help you serve MERS right the first time to keep your proceedings on the right track.

To read more about these strict guidelines and our research regarding MERS Services, please visit our dedicated MERS Services page within the ALIASS Resource Center.

Submit payment by check or credit card with your request and receive a promotional rate of $40.00 (for routine service) plus applicable printing cost of $0.15 per page if submitted online. Payment must be received with request in order to qualify.

Ready to submit a service request? Please visit our fast and easy online ALIASS Service Request Form.

Looking for specialized process services? ALIASS also specializes in services to Secretary of State (click on the link to visit our detailed guidelines) as well as Capital One, Citibank, Department of Justice, Navy Federal Credit Union, and Social Security Administration.