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Asset Searches

Asset Searches Need to determine the assets of another person or business entity? ALIASS can generate a complete asset search report related to family law and divorce cases, personal injury cases and for key business decisions. Our asset searches can include a variety of possible assets, including bank, credit union, vehicle, real estate, brokerage (stocks and bonds) and personal property. To identify and catalog owned assets, our trained professionals utilize standard records sources, including but not limited to, court records, business licensing, power of attorney, divorce proceedings records, UCC filings, corporation records, motor vehicle information, trusts, probate records, and property records, in addition to industry-powered sources which are available to licensed investigation firms.

Our experts use these sources to detect and recover concealed or hidden assets, as well as identify if the assets are owned by several people, under known or unknown aliases, or part of an incorporated entity. Also, if you are aware of one or more asset holdings and need to exclude them from the asset search, we can do that, too.

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