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MAAPPS Opposes Senate Bill 554

You may have heard about a new piece of legislation that was proposed by Senator Brian Frosh of Maryland. This bill, Senate Bill 554, will change the process service industry in Maryland, and MAAPPS believes it will create significant challenges to our colleagues and have long-lasting impacts on the process service industry.

As a founding member and current secretary of MAAPPS, ALIASS President and CEO Steven P. Harris has also spoken out against Senate Bill 554 and voiced his concerns that this bill would create unnecessary hardships on small agencies and independent process servers. In line with the MAAPPS statements, Steven agrees that independent contractors and smaller companies may even be forced to close their doors. 

In addition, any process servers outside of the state who collaborate with Maryland process servers will also be affected by the passing of this bill. Process servers from outside Maryland will no longer be able to partner with those within the state because they will lack the necessary licensing or certification to make a process serve valid. Steve commented, "ALIASS often collaborates with process service agencies from the Midwest and even the West Coast, it is very common practice in our industry. If Senate Bill 554 passes, it will not only create a virtually isolated Maryland, but it will also rock the very foundation of how the process service industry works." 

Please join us on Tuesday, February 19, 2013 at 1:00pm at the official hearing for this Bill. Our hope is to have significant representation from current process servers. And in the meantime, please forward links to this article and the additional links below to help spread the word before it is too late.

Here are a few links on this topic for your consideration and further education: